What is this site about?

This site is a place for me to write about the things that I’m learning, doing, and thinking. It is about me sharing my journey as I transition into an indie entrepenuer. I expect this site to last here on WordPress until I get my other websites up and running.

These are the technology and topics that I will writing about as I progress:

  • Python and its web frameworks (Flask, FastAPI, Django) for backend REST services
  • Modern Javascript/Typescript and its frameworks (React, Vue) for web apps
  • CI/CD and deployment of websites with embedded applications into the cloud (AWS, others?)
  • Development practices for extendable, maintainable, clean code for complex environments
  • The interplay of business and technology with examples from my previous experiences
  • Evaluations and experiences with SaaS vendors for the marketing, sales, and financial aspects of running SaaS

Please have a look around and hopefully you will get and insight from my experiences that will help you.

Till next time

Author: Klaus


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