Goodbye 2020

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It’s good to see the end of this year. It has been a global annus horribilis.

For me, the beginning of the year was about endings. These endings that were a long time coming. It was painful but required for me to allow new beginnings. My experience is that the fewer things there are to occupy my mind the happier and healthier I am.

I’m still very much into creating new businesses and products. However, I will be much more diligent in the choice of future business partners and problems domains I work in. Similarly, I will more selective about the businesses that I work with.

Life is too short to get involved with people and organizations that don’t respect you or what you do. Disrespect can be shown in a lot of different ways:

  • being dismissive of you or your efforts
  • not involving you in decisions
  • ignoring your or circumventing you
  • gossiping

Situations change over time so be aware of how you feel. Don’t be the frog in the pot and look out for the scorpions in your life.

Author: Klaus


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